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Commonwealth Drug Offences

Commonwealth Drug Offences

There are a range of drug offences in the Criminal Code including but not limited to Drug Possession, Drug Manufacture, Drug Trafficking, Selling and Cultivation, Importing and Exporting Drugs or precursors. Trafficking and the commercial manufacture of controlled drugs as well as the pre-trafficking in controlled precursors.

Commonwealth serious drug offences apply to a long list of illicit substances including:

  • Heroin;
  • Cocaine;
  • Gammabutyrolactone (GBL);
  • Ecstasy (MDMA);
  • Methamphetamine; and
  • Precursor chemicals such as pseudoephedrine.

Commonwealth drug offences can be serious. It’s vital that you have accurate and sound legal advice on charge/s you are facing, the strength of the case against you (or lack thereof) and the sentencing options available to the court.